Clash detection

It’s been quiet for a while on this website. That’s because we’ve been working hard on new features of the bimserver.

Two big surprises are on the roll to be released very shortly. One of them is the new license model for the well known IFC Engine. As many of you might know the IFC Engine is known as the fastest IFC renderer in the world. It’s new license makes it easier to incorporate the IFC Engine DLL into the open source BIMserver. More on that in a few weeks, so just a little more patience.

The other surprise is the first ever free clash detection software for IFC. This new tool works smoothly with the open source BIMserver and detects clashes of objects in an IFC model. This free tool will be released as a private beta this week.

So please bare with us for just a few more days for some big steps in the development of IFC tools!

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