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Finally its there! For those who do not have the right admin-permission (or just do not have the patience) to install the open source bimserver on their own pc, we have installed it on one of our own servers. This ‘demoserver‘ on gives you he possibility to test the very latest version of the bimserver. This version even has more features than the latest stable release. Some new features at a glance:

  • Download the model (or parts of the model) as ifcXML;
  • The query functions are easier to find;
  • Query parts of the model using the IFC GUID (we know some of you were waiting for this!)

This version also has multiuser behavior (kind of for a necessary feature for an online server). You can also find all this new stuff in the latest version of the sourcecode. All these features are not tested very well (and that is why they are not in the stable release). We kind of hope you guys will help test them by using this demoserver.
So please help us find issues, feed us with feature-requests and userfeedback. Want to start right away? Go to and use the ‘register’ button to open an account.

Update: The demo server is offline. Since the 1.2 version does not have an end-user GUI anymore, there is no demo available for end users.

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