New LinkedIn group (and other ways to keep track)

It might be hard to keep track of all the info surrounding this project. When you want to learn more about this open source project, there are several ways to do so. As every open source project this one also has mailinglists. This is probably the best and fastest way to get an answer on your questions. So please subscribe to one or more of the lists and fire your questions to the community. Please pay attention: you have to be subscribed to the list to post something.

Then there is the wiki:
As a good wiki should, the documentation is growing. Please feel free to help us fill the wiki! Some basic documentation (the most popular) can be found on the website:

When you find a bug, please report it by using the bugtracker and of course the featurerequest.
Bimserver is under the GPL license. That means you can get the whole sourcecode and build the program yourself. The sourcecode is hosted on in our own subversion repository. You can browse the sourcecode with your favorite webbrowser directly on the source repository. Use anonymous as the username and you míght have to user anonymous as password to log in.
A new way to keep track of what’s happening is the possibility to join the new LinkedIn group.
And when everything fails you can always e-mail or skype us.

Update: the linkedin group is deprecated.

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