“Not a 0.1 anymore”

About a week ago the first public release of the bimserver came online. Version 0.1, release candidate 1. We still had some known issues, but wanted to know if there were some ‘unknown’ issues. You helped us a lot by testing the first version and by giving us your feedback. The best feedback we had was lot of people saying that this is not a 0.1 version but more like a 1.0. We have some wild ideas for the 1.0 version, so for the time being we stick to the 0.1.

Thanks to your help in testing, we have done some development and publish the second release candidate today. You can download it on http://download.bimserver.org/latest/ We’ve fixed the know issues, and added some new features. You can see the changes in the changelog.  The best new feature (we think) is that the standalone BIMserver jarfile now has a simple UI that makes starting/stopping the server easier.

What we also did was pushing 3Gb of IFC files into the server, and pulling it out again.  Just to test the reading, writing mechanism. Some new bugs came up, but we fixed them immediately. Thanks to that we now have some cool error messages when the server gets a corrupt IFC file. You can see an example on this link (generated from the almost 1600 IFC files we have used during the test).

Let’s hope the feedback will be just as good this time so we can have a official 0.1 version in this month.

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  1. Christiaan
    Christiaan says:

    Sounds very promising and I look forward to following your progress. My question is will this be another Windows-dominated geekfest or will platform neutrality and ease-of-use be real priorities for this project?

  2. bimserver
    bimserver says:

    Hi Christiaan,
    As you can see in the download section, everything is platform independent. We try to keep is as easy to use as possible. Please try the release and give us feedback on the usability.
    Kind Regards,

  3. Christiaan
    Christiaan says:

    Hi Leon, I’ll be glad to give feedback if I can get it running (it may be a bit early on for someone like me). I’ll email you the errors I’m getting.

    WIth regard to usability do you have any graphic and interface design experts on board yet?

    With regard to platform neutrality, it’s one thing to say the software runs on other platforms but it’s another to demonstrate such a commitment. Has there been any testing on the Mac? All your screenshots are Windows-only. The viewer you link to from your FAQ is Windows-only, are there any Mac-compatible viewers? Even the flow diagram demonstrating the global architecture includes only Windows-only companies (Autodesk and Bentley). Have you discussed this project with a Mac BIM vendor?


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