We believe in building on a robust base

We believe that, in a fragmented industry like the AEC, there is no one tool or platform that can do everything. We believe in focussed applications that do one or two things very good. That is why we created a robust platform that provides developers a solid foundation for their tools. This is how we lower the threshold for developers to build niche applications fast and stable.

For Magicians

Learn how to use BIMserver to build an application, or how to connect your software to a BIMserver-based tool.

Go directly to the download section.  Don’t know which files to download? Read all about it on this wiki page. You might also want to have a look at the ‘getting started‘ quick guide. If you can’t find what you are looking for on the wiki, a community support forum is available on support.opensourcebim.org.

About BIMserver.org

The Building Information Model server (BIMserver.org) platform enables you to create your own BIMserver. The software core is based on the open standard IFC and therefore knows how to handle IFC data.

 IFC data are interpreted by a smart core and stored as objects in an underlying database. Everything is based on plugins in an open framework.

The BIMserver software is free and open source (GNU Affero GPL). It’s ideal to support your dynamic collaboration process in the AEC sector. 

  • Build for developers

    Lots of interface protocols and libraries

  • Openness in mind

    Only open standards for data. No lock-in.

  • Plugin framework

    Lots of plugins for flexibility

  • Enterprise stability

    Proven stability

opensourcebim.org BIMserver.org is part of the open source BIM collective. We collaborate with other open source BIM software developers to improve the quality of the build environment. We believe the collaboration with others allows us to focus and improve our mission and the mission from others. Have a look at opensourcebim.org to meet our friends, or watch this video for an introduction of the projects.